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Physical Education


PE and School Sport at Goldington Green Academy

Our vision is that all pupils at Goldington Green Academy experience excellent physical education (PE), school sport and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation.


This strategy will aim to:



  • Improve health and well-being, leading to prolonged Physical Literacy
  • Provide high quality opportunities and outcomes
  • Assist each individual to be the best they can be
  • Encourage community involvement and responsibility
  • Promote lifelong learning, active participation and competition
  • Raise achievement and support excellence.
  • Create a lasting legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


PE and sport have an important role to play in raising standards and narrowing the achievement gap. Research has shown how placing PE and sport at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum can improve attendance, behaviour and attainment. PE and sport build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills.


The School Sports Partnership (SSP) have devised a set of sporting values that permeate teaching and learning, both in lessons and in after school/lunchtime clubs.


The values are:



  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Self belief
  • Honesty


“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.” Ronnie Lott-American football player

At Goldington Green Academy, we believe that Primary school experiences are pivotal to children’s future perceptions of physical activity. We strive to ensure that children leave our school equipped to enjoy sport for all its health and social benefits. For those that relish the competitive element, they gain the skills, confidence and relevant experience to succeed. PE helps not only to improve interpersonal skills, but also increases motivation and encourages children to take pride in all that they do.


Our aim is to develop the next generation of young sports leaders, by setting up and running our very own School Sport Orgainisng Crew (SSOC), and empowering children to play an active role in the delivery of school sport. Young Sports Leaders is a national scheme and provides opportunities for young people to volunteer as a Sports Leader and take up a purposeful role within the school. The children gain recognition for their skills as a leader, and with this develop a valuable sense of self-worth.


We work closely with Premier Sport to help children be the best that they can be through enjoyment, challenge and encouragement.  We also pride ourselves on the fact that sport plays a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of our children. Sporting excellence and participation, alongside strong cultural opportunities, go hand in hand with academic standards. Together, we want to provide high quality opportunities for all of our pupils to become physically literate which will take them into their adult lives.


We work closely with a number of clubs within our community to form and maintain positive relationships, to maximise opportunities for all of our children. Coaches come into school as part of the curriculum, and also run a variety of after school clubs alongside teachers from our school. Our current club links include:



  • Falcon Gymnastics Club
  • Riverside Tennis Club
  • School Sport Partnership
  • Premier Sport
  • Bedford Cricket Club (Chance to Shine Project)
  • Sport for Schools Organisation
  • Barracudas
  • Kinetic Vibes (dance)


Code of conduct for Sports Clubs 2019-2020


  • Be kind to all players and listen to each other’s ideas
  • Listen to, and respect the adults running the club
  • Stay positive and calm, even when things don’t go your way
  • Win with dignity and lose with grace-stay humble
  • Encourage others and show green behaviour
  • Give it your best shot and HAVE FUN!!!



Physical Education Policy


Year 1 - Autumn

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Year 1 - Spring

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