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Cultural Day

Cultural Day at GGA Summer 2023

Carnival Day.png
Dressed Up in Feathers

The atmosphere created by our annual carnival day celebration could be felt and heard across Goldington Green Academy.

Throughout the morning, the children engaged in various art forms activities such as carnival mask making, the making of elaborate carnival headdresses and Soca dance workshops. 


The children had an opportunity to explore the culture of carnival and the social unity that this celebration brings.  As we all know, carnival is celebrated in diffident art forms around the world. The workshops provided a snapshot of how some countries such as the Caribbean and South America celebrate carnival.  



In the afternoon, we celebrated in style. Visiting was the international mass band Rampage visited and the Mighty Jamma family played the steel pans, providing entertainment for all.

Leading the Parade were Carnival Queens, Pat and Anne Marie from Rampage. Included in the performance was the young Rampage performers who also led carnival headdress workshops for our years 5 and 6 pupils in the morning. Our other visiting artist on the day were Toke and Pauline. They led our year 3 and 4s into the parade whilst all the other year groups followed suit.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our twinned school in Gytesia Ghana fundraising event. In total to date, we raised £304.66 on the day.


This money will go towards the building of a new ICT suite for our fellow friends in Ghana. 

The celebration brought fun and enjoyment for all that participated.



Carnival time is here again!
GGA Cultural Day 2022


The theme this year was Carnival. The children had an opportunity to explore the culture of carnival and the social unity that this celebration brings.  

They engaged in various art forms such as carnival mask making, the making of elaborate carnival headdresses, Soca dance workshops and drama.

These activities provided an enrichment opportunity to enhance the children’s learning experiences and better prepare them for the multi-cultural society that they live in.

The workshops provided a snapshot of carnival celebrations around the world.   



GGA Cultural Day Celebration 2021

Fun and laughter was the order of the day. Freedom of movement was the theme of the day!

This year’s theme was based on the Freedom of Movement, which was fitting for the difficult times that we have all been facing.

Each year group had the opportunity to work with two different artists ranging from Lindy Hop, African Caribbean, Carnival and Samba dance workshops. Also on the agenda was African drumming and storytelling, Carnival and Rainforest mask making, Rap music, Frida Kahlo clay workshop and a Freedom art workshop.

The day was full of enrichment for all. The children and staff had a wonderful day exploring the different art forms from around the world.

Carnival Time at GGA!


On 21st June we celebrated our 2nd cultural day.  This event gave us an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity within our school community.  The parade was led by our Carnival Kings, Toni Isles and Myles.  Year 6 children enjoyed a Carnival Workshop in the morning and were then able to help lead the parade in the afternoon.  We also enjoyed a Parkour display by Luke Brown and his team, which left us gasping.  

We would like to thank Parents, carers and friends for all their wonderful food contributions.  We hope everyone who joined us on the day enjoyed the carnival atmosphere and a huge thank you for helping us to raise a very impressive £745.50 towards our Ghana appeal.