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Khalil's Heritage

Amirah's Heritage


Today I will be talking about my dad’s and my mum’s side of the family but right now I will be talking about my dad’s side which are from Kenya. I’ll be speaking Swahili which is a language used in Kenya. The location of Kenya is East Africa. On the flag, the black represents the people, the red represents the fighting for independence, the green represents the land and the shield is the Massi shield with some spears.Now i shall start speaking Swahili.


 Dada ne dado sisi na kuga qua Kenya.Sisi na juwa swahili. Dada ne dado faya ne rusi na kuge oliya London. Dada yungu kushakoofa mumbiya sisi syle meme eco ne Kenya, na enda qua schooloo, alafu na nafaya kasi na quaya qua ola. Dada na mumbiya sisi atta leyo peega ogalu, matoke, ne yama, kookoo, madasi, marwagwa, gadari mu eco masuri sana. Dada ne dado eco Kenyan asian si co ease on kana asian.Dugi ya dada ewendco kenya. Sisi ta quwenda Kenya sisi eco jubani.Baba yungu dito dato. Baba yungu na sayma meme nata qua Kenya to qua juwa jubani. Seqo muga atta meme ta quwenda na Kenya.


My grandparents are born in Kenya and taught me some Swahili. They both came to London to live a better life. My late grandad used to tell stories how hard his life was like in kenya : how he used go to school and come back then go straight to work. My gran and my granddad used to speak Swahili so we couldn’t understand but we actually could; that’s also how I learnt Swahili. Even now my gran makes Kenyan traditional foods like google( homemade bread which is a side dish) , matoke ( cooking green bananas) , which could be made into a stew like this, yama (chops/meat) , kookoo ( chicken which could go with ogali) , madasi (triangle Kenyan doughnut, marwagwa (mixed beans), gaderi (salad).My grandparents are Kenyan and Asian this is why I am brown.


We still have family in Kenya that I’ve never met. If we wanted to go to Kenya we have a house that we can stay at. My dad has 3 sisters. My dad wants to go to Kenya to see how his dad lived and one day I will visit kenya.

Now I will be talking about my mum’s side. I will be speaking Bengali which is a language spoken in Bangladesh.Bangladesh is located in North-Eastern Asia On the Bangladesh flag, the red circle represents the fight for independence as well as the sun rising over the horizon and the green represents the land. I shall now begin speaking Bengali.


Ammi icta faye amarr nani kestaki. Amarr nana nani deshore johnmoore oysla. Amarr nana mara guess oin amarr nana houghta beshi ammi zanina. Amma nana eedeshore takquion arr Englan ein ahktah ahktah zen tanda ney. Amarr ma duboi ardubai  asse. Ammi bangladeshore guessi.


I get this culture from my grandparents who were born in Bangladesh. My grandpa passed awya before I was born so I didn’t really know him. My grandpa came into this country to work and provide for his family. My nan lives in Bangladesh but she visits England once in a while when it’s not cold. My mum has 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I have visited Bangladesh Before and I really enjoyed it.


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Part of La’Shay heritage is Jamaican. When he went there on a family holiday he went scuba diving and collected all the shells. La’Shay likes to collect interesting shells as the ones he brought in had very interesting patterns on them and reminded him of a snake. He also said one of his favourite parts was drinking out of a coconut. La’Shay and his family picked the coconut, cut it and then drank out of it.


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