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Art at Goldington Green Academy

Teaching Art helps children to learn to observe the world around them more closely. We believe it is important that children can understand and question the impact of art on themselves and the world around them in terms of history and culture. We aim for children to understand that many of the artistic movements today are because of people who were passionate about expression, creativity and design.  

Our Art curriculum includes:

  • Developing children’s control and use of materials.

  • Learning about great artists, architects and designers in history.

  • Producing creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.

  • Becoming experienced in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.


Pupils have opportunities to work with a range of materials and media to create different works of art. Some of which is linked to the topic or theme that the class is learning about. In addition to this, our pupils learn about different artists through history; about their life and their artistic style.


A further appreciation of art is fostered through the enrichment opportunities that we provide for our pupils. Projects have been undertaken in school, which have led to our pupils creating works of Art for various showcases.


Art Policy

Year 1 - Autumn

Year 2 - Autumn

Year 3 - Autumn

Year 4 - Autumn

Year 5 - Autumn

Year 6 - Autumn

Year 1 - Spring

Year 2 - Spring

Year 3 - Spring

Year 4 - Spring

Year 5 - Spring

Year 6 - Spring

Year 1 - Summer

Year 2 - Summer

Year 3 - Summer

Year 4 - Summer

Year 5 - Summer

Year 6 - Summer

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