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Capoeira Music Instruments


Music at Goldington Green Academy

We have high musical aspirations at Goldington Green Academy, and a very rich musical life. We aim to inspire all of our children to view music as a vehicle for expressing themselves, and to reach their full musical potential. We are in the rare position of having a music specialist leading all classroom music learning, and we offer a broad range of extra curricula music activities.


Our music follows the national curriculum and all the children are taught to



  • Use their voices expressively

  • Make music with a broad range of instruments

  • Appreciate music from a variety of traditions, well known composers and musicians

  • Experiment with song writing, composition and improvisation

  • Use technology such as iPads to record and create music


We have a very strong team of visiting instrumental teachers, from violin, singing, flute, and piano through to guitar and ukulele. We also have an enthusiastic choir. Pupils are given opportunities to perform to their peers and parents. At many school events you’ll hear the children singing, and the smiles on their faces shows just how much music is at the heart of the school!


Music Policy

Year 1 - Autumn

Year 2 - Autumn

Year 3 - Autumn

Year 4 - Autumn

Year 5 - Autumn

Year 6 - Autumn

Year 1 - Spring

Year 2 - Spring

Year 3 - Spring

Year 4 - Spring

Year 5 - Spring

Year 6 - Spring

Year 1 - Summer

Year 2 - Summer

Year 3 - Summer

Year 4 - Summer

Year 5 - Summer

Year 6 - Summer

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