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Through our English curriculum, we aim to inspire all children to communicate confidently, to be discerning and passionate readers and to be able to express their own views with eloquence and depth, becoming masters of language and creators of thought provoking and captivating texts.


Our school environment reflects our passion for reading which we celebrate with a weekly family reading session on Friday mornings.


We use the Little Wandle  programme for early reading teaching before moving on to teaching reading comprehension using VIPERs. Our reading spine showcases a broad range of high-quality texts from a diverse literary heritage.

Writing is linked to books in order to provide inspiration and examples for our pupils.


We use a cyclical approach: building up key skills to a final piece of writing over units of several weeks.

Oracy skills are actively taught and celebrated.


Throughout their time at GGA, our pupils are exposed to an inspiring selection of texts from classic reads to stories from around our world.


They develop a wide world view and a love of reading. Pupils produce written texts from a range of genres and have secure grammatical and

punctuation skills.


Pupils are able to express themselves confidently and eloquently.

We will hear your child read 1-1 at least once a week. We will record this in your child's reading record/planner.

Please ensure that your child's record/planner is in school every day.

English Policy

Balanced Arguments and Debates - Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers

Explanation Texts

Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge Organisers

Narrative - Year 5

Knowledge Organisers

Narrative - Year 6

Knowledge Organisers

Writing- Year 2

Knowledge Organisers

Newspaper Reports

Non Chronological Reports

Persuasive Adverts

Persuasive Texts



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