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Science at Goldington Green Academy

Our Early Years children follow the Early Learning Goals curriculum and learn through play opportunities both in their indoor and outdoor classrooms. The children are given daily opportunities to experiment with wide and varied practical resources that enhance their scientific vocabulary, awareness of their senses and the world around them.


Children from Year One to Year Six take part in exciting and inspiring weekly Science learning sessions. Our Science curriculum meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and children’s independent learning activities are differentiated to ensure that all of our pupils are challenged and meet their full learning potential.


We strive to balance our Science curriculum between practical, investigative and knowledge-based learning. Children are taught to think critically about the world around them. They do so by asking questions, testing hypotheses and formulating responses when results are observed and recorded.


Children are encouraged to make use of cross-curricular links. For example, using knowledge from the mathematics curriculum to show data collection. In addition to this, teachers ensure that children are aware of the science around us in the ‘everyday’ world and the possible opportunities in science for employment in the future.

We also strive to use the school grounds to enable children to learn about their local outdoor environment using the techniques and skills which they have learnt science lessons.

In 2022 Goldington Green Academy achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark. This award reflects the teachers’ ethos to make science exciting and accessible to all. We will continue to build upon this and are now working towards our Science Mark Gilt award.

Our practical learning opportunities include finding out which rock is the most resilient, finding out why a hot air balloon floats in the sky, finding out which mixture makes the best bubbles, finding out the best material to make a cycle helmet and many, many more!


Science Policy

Year 1 - Autumn

Year 2 - Autumn

Year 3 - Autumn

Year 4 - Autumn

Year 5 - Autumn

Year 6 - Autumn

Year 1 - Spring

Year 2 - Spring

Year 3 - Spring

Year 4 - Spring

Year 5 - Spring

Year 6 - Spring

Year 1 - Summer

Year 2 - Summer

Year 3 - Summer

Year 4 - Summer

Year 5 - Summer

Year 6 - Summer

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