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Schools Of Tomorrow

Schools Of Tomorrow

What is Schools of Tomorrow and what is important to them?

Schools Of Tomorrow is a group of schools across the UK and parts of Europe who have the same way of thinking of what a ‘beyond outstanding school’ is. The schools within this fellowship strongly believe that family engagement changes schools for the better, and that schools can help to change communities for the better. Above all the schools believe that schools and communities working together can radically transform the futures of young people.

The fellowship schools also believe that the best schools, beyond outstanding not only secure the high levels of achievement for all pupils, but lie in the heart of the community – this is the true essence of the Schools of Tomorrow Framework. The mission of the fellowship is to turn this into reality through their 4 quadrant way of thinking.


What does this model look like?

The fellowship schools believe that there are 4 quadrants of equal importance that supports its pupils in becoming the best that they can be. Fellowship schools endeavour to both secure highest levels of achievement for all and lie at the heart of their community.

Our Stakeholders and SOTO.png

What does this model look like at Goldington Green Academy?

From this model we have developed our school mission statement to encompass the quadrants in all that is important to us at Goldington Green Academy.

If you look at our monthly newsletter, website, school app, podiums, curriculum overviews, homework opportunities for pupils, etc, you will clearly see the essence of the four quadrants evident in all that we say and do at Goldington Green Academy.

Our Mission Statement 2023-2024.png

GGA encourages their pupils to be the best that they can be but how is the school making itself the best that it can be?

Every year we have four priorities that we focus on improving. These are what we already know about our school and recommendations that OFSTED have made in their last inspection.

You will see this year’s priorities in the coloured squares and their corresponding quadrant that they are relevant to.

We work with all stakeholders – children, staff, parents and governors to gauge their thoughts and opinions on our progress towards these (you may have noticed our Survey Monkey texts where we ask for your feedback – this is also part of the family engagement quadrant).

The school’s governors challenge the leaders of the school to ensure that progress is made towards each of the priorities and the school is continuing to improve.

How does Schools of Tomorrow support the school in becoming the best that it can be?

The leaders and staff of our school use the resources (including action research) and high profile educational speakers to improve their own knowledge and understanding of education, which impacts positively on the teaching and learning of our pupils in the classroom.


We also invite leaders from other fellowship schools to visit our school and support us in evaluating our progress made towards our priorities for the year and identify what we are doing well and what we need to get better at.


What do I do if I would like any further information about Schools of Tomorrow or would like to become involved with supporting the school in becoming the best that it can be?

If you would like any further information about Schools of Tomorrow or would like to support the school with the development of parent/family engagement, please contact Amy Rogers via email ( or telephone (01234 326335).

School development priorities 2023 2024.png

School Development Priorities 2023/24

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