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Pre School

Please note, admission to Pre School does not guarantee a place in Reception, you must apply through Bedford  Borough for this.

Joining Preschool is a happy time for your child, we strive to provide a warm and caring environment, within which children can learn and develop through play.


We offer both full and part-time places, and are happy to accept 2 year old funding, universal 15 hours funding for the term after a child turns 3, as well as 30 hours funding, all subject to funding approval.  All sessions and hours are subject to availability.


The Preschool groups are Little Saplings, Saplings and Acorns split across 2 rooms but sharing a garden space. With Little Saplings being our youngest children and Acorns being our oldest.


The Little Saplings and Saplings room operates with approximately 30 children per session. Each main session is ran by a minimum of 5 qualified nursery nurses who all hold a Level 2 or 3 qualification and is overseen by the EYFS Lead/ Acorns class teacher. We have a minimum staff-to-child ratio of 1 to 8 for those over the age of 3, and of 1 to 4 for those children who are under 3. With 5 members of staff per session our working ratio is 1:6.

Acorns room operates with approximately 18 children per session. Each session is ran by a the EYFS Lead/class teacher and Level 3 nursery nurse. The class teacher holds a ratio of 1 to 13 and the nursery nurse 1 to 8.


We are open 38 weeks per year in line with the main school. Our session times are 8:40-3:10 (full day), 8:40-11:40 (AM session), 12:10-3:10 (PM session).


As part of our inclusion strategy, we accept children in pull-ups.


We generally admit children twice a year, (September and January) and a child may start the term after their 2nd birthday, subject to availability of places.


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