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Our Curriculum and Enrichment Overview

At GGA we believe in an all round holistic curriculum. As such we place great emphasis on ensuring that every child experiences enrichment opportunities such as working with a range of artists, musicians, performers, authors and professionals such as fire fighters. Children have opportunities to develop skills such as empathy and caring through looking after animals, visits to community locations such as Goldington Social Centre and Angulita Court Care home. We also offer special experiences such as outdoor learning, maths days, trips and visits, theatre performances and sporting events.


GGA’s curriculum is much more than just the National Curriculum, and at the heart of it lie our values and our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Curriculum Overview

Conifer Autumn 2017

CO Conifer Autumn 2017 Networking_0000_Year 3 Autumn 2017 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Autumn 2017 Stones & Bones

Year 2 Autumn 2017 Knights & Castles


Year 1 Autumn 2017 Super Me

Yr 1 Curriculum overview

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Yr 4 curriculum overview year 5 curriculum overview

Year 5 Autumn 2017

Year 4  Autumn 2017