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Heritage Bag Project


My heritage  Read More....

Matylda Chadwick


Cedar class

My name is Christopher Gray and my mother comes from Thailand  and my father  comes from Northern  Ireland. I was born in Bedford  in England  and am English, although I can also have Irish and Thai citizenship.


I visit Thailand during the summer holidays and stay with my grandmother and grandfat her. They live on a farm in a village in Buriram  which is one of the north eastern provinces of Thailand.


When  my grandmother tells me to get something my Mum translates from Thai to

English,  as my grandmother speaks  Thai the language spoken  in Thailand.

Buriram province shown in red

Polish Parents Heritage Suitcase Project

Over the last five weeks parents from our Polish community have been participating in our heritage suitcase project which is directly linked to the schools heritage bag project.


The parents worked closely with a local artist, Mrs Anne-Marie Stijelja to create their personal suitcases. They included lots of interesting memorable items such as their family trees, objects from their ancestors and lots of wonderful photos of members of their families. Over the weeks I have learnt a lot about where our families originated from and all about their culture and traditions. The history of Poland was fascinating to say the least. The parents will go on to share their findings with the children so that we can all celebrate the importance of knowing where we come from.

Heritage suitcase

Over the past two years we have had the pleasure in organising whole school and individual groups heritage projects, all of which have proven to be successful. I have found these projects so intriguing and have really enjoyed learning all about the different cultures and traditions within our community.  I would like to say a special thank you to one of our parents, Mrs Pupin for all her support with this project.  


Mrs Wilson

EAL/ Equality and Diversity Manager

Heritage Bag Project October 2017 update…

We launched this project several years ago to enable all our children to share their family heritage, traditions and culture. This project has proved to be very successful with staff, children and their families. The idea is that the school provides a heritage bag with simple prompts and ideas tailored to the child’s year group and curriculum inside to gather information about your child and their families’ heritage. Every child has the opportunity over the year to take the Heritage bag home and each year the bag will take a different form in terms of prompts and ideas.


As you can appreciate there is a cost involved in providing the prompts and purchasing the bag. Over the years bags have been mislaid when taken home and not returned to school therefore this year we will be implementing a replacement cost of £5.60.

Heritage Bag Project October 2017

Heritage Bag Update Summer 2018

Our heritage bag project continues to grow in strength. Children and staff continue to enjoy learning about each other’s heritage, culture and traditions. All of our classrooms have a display of a world map and a creative description of the children heritage. Over the last few weeks I have been visiting classrooms to learn about our school community. Below are some pictures with some really important interesting facts about different countries and the children’s heritage.


Thank you to all of our children and parents for making this project successful.  

Across the school the teachers having been busy learning about the children’s heritage. Over the last few weeks I have been visiting classrooms to learn about our school community and have been fortunate to witness a variety of work that has been produced by the children and their parents/carers. It has been a wonderful learning journey and we look forward to learning more about our whole school community over this next academic year.  


At Goldington Green Academy we value diversity and see it as strength of our school. The heritage bag project provides opportunities for our children to share their family heritage, traditions and culture, which forms part of our school values.  


Featured below are some photos of a Pakistani village by Mahveen. Alexander has made a Lego model of famous landmarks in Mexico.


Coconut class have been using their creativity to produce a fantastic class heritage display.


Mrs Wilson



Heritage Bag Update Autumn 2018

Coconut class heritage display

Lawan’s Family’s Heritage

Tiaara’s Visit To Jamaica To Explore Her Family’s Heritage