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Ashanti News

Ashanti Project - Ghana Update

Ashanti News

Ashanti News

The Mango Tree Clinic - Year 2

This was year two of our clinic in Gytiese, Ghana. For the most part we simply bandage cuts, burns & sores.  When it gets complicated we go to the hospital in Mampong, a nearby town.


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Hart Lending a Hand in Ghana 1

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The Dadiese Women's Jewellery Group

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On the 8th June the children from Year 3 will be preforming the Anansi and The Kings Drum to their parents/carers. The children have been busy preparing and rehearsing for their production. On the day the children will be selling their personal animal art and crafts to help raise money for our friends in Ghana


Sponge A Teacher Year 4 Fundraiser For Ghana Raised £94!

On the 8th June the children from year 3 put on a specular performance of Anansi and The Kings Drum. This project was in aid of our twining programme for Ghana. The children did a fantastic job retelling one of the famous stories of Anansi.


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Martha who is one of the founders of the Ashanti Development visited the children in year 3 on Friday 16th June. She shared her childhood stories of when she was growing up in Gyetiase she even danced and sang for us to the children’s and staffs delight. Martha expressed how grateful our school was in Ghana to have received all the wonderful gifts from us over the years. She thanked and praised the school community for their wonderful support and to the staff and children for making the project so successful.


I am pleased to inform all of our school community that we have reached our target for our long term project which is to repaint our twinned school inside and out and to make good of the existing floors. We have raised a whooping £1,300.00 with all your continued support. We are hoping that the school will be painted in time for when the children return after the summer holidays.  


A massive thank you to everyone for making this dream a reality for our friends in Ghana.  


Goldington Green Academy did it! Ghana Update

Letter from Headteacher Mr Akowua Samuel of Gyetiase Primary School.

Ghana Update September 2017

Back in July we expressed our gratitude for all the support we received over the last academic year for our Ghana Project.


We explained that our twinned school, Gyetiase Primary would be painted inside and out over the summer, and we are pleased to announce that this has been completed.


Over the coming year we will be fund raising across the school for our twinned school, but in the meantime we are asking for any donations of classroom resources, i.e. paper, pencils, crayons, educational toys, that we can send over to support their children.


Please contact Mrs Wilson via the school office if you have anything you can donate.


Below are some images of the newly painted school.


Please view our website for regular Ghana updates.

Ghana Update Autumn 2017

Ghana Update 2018

As we fast approach the end of this academic year I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the success of our Ghana project.


Over the year the staff and children have been fund raising for our twinned school in Ghana Gyetiase Primary School. Everyone has had an opportunity to be involved. The activities ranged from selling cakes, samosa’s and arts and crafts. So far we have raised a whopping £659.93, which will go towards improving the schools environment. Last year we were able to fund the redecorating of the whole school through our fundraising events.


Gyetiase Primary School



We have a received a donation of pencils and educational toys from the Tesco store in Cardington Road for the children in Ghana.  It is our hope that we raise a total of £1,000.00 to complete this long term project by the end of this academic year. If you are able donate classroom resources, i.e. paper, pencils, crayons, educational toys, that we can send over to support their children that would be most appreciated.


On the 21st June the children from year 3 will be performing a play based on Ghanaian culture and traditions. On the day we will be selling African wooden necklaces and bracelets which have been made by the children. Below are some images of the children and staff at Gyetiase. We have also received a letter from the Headteacher sharing Gyetiase successes and challenges.  


If you have any questions or would like to help us with our fundraising events please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Selling Samosas

Breaking News…..

The children and teachers in year 4 have been busy raising money for our twinned school in Ghana. The children got an opportunity to sponge their teachers! They managed to raise over £100.00! 


Thank you to all of the teachers and also our parents and children who have supported this event.